Lesson Plan : PFT 1 Mile Run

Teacher Name:
 W. Florentino
 Grade 7-8
 PE and Health

  General Health and Wellness Active Living and Life Style
 CA STATE STANDARDS FOR PHYSICAL FITNESS: * That the students will be able to identify the bennifits of active living * That students will be able to identify and explain the effects of exercise on the body systems before, during, and after exercise * That students will be able to explain the bennifits of and demonstrate warm-up and cool-down activities.
 The goal of this lesson is for students to increase their heart rates by doing a variety of warm-up exercises and run the 1 Mile California Physical Fitness Test (PFT).
 The students will increase their heart rates by completing a circut of various warm-up excercises and complete the PFT 1 Mile Run w/ run-walk regiment and improve or maintain previous completion times with goal of falling w/in the "Healthy Fitness Zones" established for the California Department of Education (CDE).
 stopwatch, clipboard, and class list
 The teacher will take roll and students will form up in lines pre-established, to conduct pre-set warm-up circut excercises to increase heart rates and stretch approperate muscles and tendons, as to avoid self injury on 1 Mile PFT Run.
 Teacher will reivew the importance of and demonstrate if necessary or use peer tutors to model warm-up, and cool-down activities. Teacher will remind students of the need for appoperate warm-up, and let students know their past running times and helpstudents develop a stratagy for successful completion of the 1 Mile Run
 Students will complete the warm-up regiment under the supervision of teacher.
 Students with disabilities and low stamina/endurance will be reminded of the walk-run policy and will be encouraged to "pace" their progress.
Checking For Understanding:
 Students will be asked to reflect on the following: Do you feel you did your best? How will you improve your performance?
 The teacher will obtain completion times and congratulate students for finishing the 1 Mile PFT, quickly review students improvements, supervise cool down and review the importance of the entire process (warm-up, 1 Mile Run, and cool-down) as a part of a complete cardiovasular workout. Teacher willexcuse students to gym to change for their next classes.
 The teacher will evaluate the students performance during the warm-up, PFT Run, and cool down based on effort, +/- of their running time over previous recorded times, and citizenship. All students engagement levels will be assessed through out the entire lesson.
Teacher Reflections:

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