Lesson Plan : TAILBAIL adapted from Marc Wedding

Teacher Name:
 Mr. Kaplan
 Grade 4
 PE and Health

 Competitive group sports
 Tailball puts a new spin on basketball. Teams use a modified tennis ball to score goals. The ball must be thrown by the tail when passing to a teammate, and can only be thrown when attempting a basket. The player in possession of the ball cannot move. Whenever the ball hits the ground, possession goes to the other team.
 Students will learn rules of tailball. Students will develop hand/eye coordination. Students will practice moving safely through general space. Students will learn strategies and skills to successfully pass and throw the tailball. Students will be able to referee themselves based on the rules of the game.
 Indoor/outdoor basketball court, tailball(modified tennis ball with a foot long cloth tail), colored jerseys, timing device
 Class is divided in half using and 1-2 random number system. Teams may have a minimum of 5 to 12 player on the court at one time, depending on overall class size. There should always be a "bench" for each team to use for substitutions. The game is played for four equal quarters based on the time of the gym period. A 45 minute period could have a game made up of four 8 minute quarters. A team must make an attempt at a basket within thirty seconds of gaining possession of the ball. Depending upon the length of the quarter, there will be a rotation of players from the bench at a pre-determined time so that all students take part.
 Students will limitations can elect to limit their playing time, or at the teachers discretion help as a time keeper or assistant referee. Since there is a built in substitution factor students with limitations will not be singled out, as everyone rotates in and out of the game based on the rules as in hockey.
Checking For Understanding:
 Student participation, teacher observations, short quiz on game rules
Teacher Reflections:

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