Lesson Plan : How to have Healthy Teeth!

Teacher Name:
 Amy Walker
 Grade 7-8
 PE and Health

 How to Have Healthy Teeth!
 Brush, floss, and eat healthy foods. Visit the dentist regularly. Define Cavity and plaque: tiny hole in a tooth caused when plaque, which is a sticky film of germs, forms on teeth. The germs mix with sugars in food to form acid. The acid makes the tiny hole, called a cavity.
 Students will be able to brush their teeth correctly. Students will know the importance of brushing and flossing their teeth and they will know why they need to brush and floss. Students will visit the dentist regularly and place a high value on their teeth.
 Given all of the information about healthy teeth, students will take detailed notes during the lecture and prepare for a quiz following the lecture. The correct answers will be given in complete sentences. Students are allowed to use their notes during the quiz.
 model of teeth, toothbrush, toothpaste (to be distributed among class), worksheets, trace disclosants, trace disclosant sheet sample of fluoride
 How many of you brushed your teeth this morning? It probably took some of you an hour to fix your hair; how much time did you spend on your teeth? Mostly everyone knows what to do in order to have healthy teeth, however not everyone does it. Today, I am going to explain how each of you can have healthy teeth!
 1. State the objective and introduce the lesson on brushing and flossing. 2. Define Cavity 3. Define Plaque as buildup on our teeth. 4. Many people think being unhealthy means being overweight, having an illness...not as having unhealthy teeth. Teeth are a very important part of your body. Your teeth are designed to last you a lifetime, with proper care they can! 5. Basic care of teeth includes brushing your teeth daily, at least twice a day, and after meals if possible. Brushing your teeth helps to remove bacteria and plaque from your teeth, gums, and mouth. 6. Flossing is just as important as brushing. Flossing cleans and removes food particles which become lodged in between your teeth. It also removes plaque build up. You should be sure to floss between each tooth and don't skip around. "Don't floss all your teeth, only the ones you want to keep." 7. Does anyone know what Fluoride is? Fluoride has been identified as the most important factor in preventing tooth decay. Fluoride in the water supply, in toothpaste, and oral rinses will coat teeth with a protective layer and promote tooth remineralization. SHOW FLUORIDE 8. Have students name some foods that are good for you, and some foods that are bad for you. Where do soft drinks go? Cut back on soft drinks and foods high in acid content. The acid can cause demineralization of the tooth enamel which can lead to cavities. "Soda is to teeth what smoking is to lungs." 9. Demonstrate the proper way to brush and floss teeth by using the model of teeth and the toothbrush. Label the teeth on the model and how many teeth most people have. 10. Allow students to practice on this model 11. Go over trace disclosants and show disclosant sheet. 12. Ask if there are any questions 13. Give homework assignment and quiz over the material.
 Students will be allowed to brush and floss the modeled teeth. This will guide them in the direction in which they brush their own teeth.
 Students with special needs can request additional help when the teacher is available.
Checking For Understanding:
 Students will be quizzed over the material at the end of the class period.
 Questions or concerns about the subject? Once again, remind them to brush and floss their teeth daily, and to visit their dentist regularly.
 Students will answer the following questions: How many teeth does the average person have? Are soft drinks bad for your teeth? why? What is plaque? What could happen if you didn't brush and floss your teeth? Do you think it makes a difference in which direction you brush your teeth? Which seems to be the best, brushing or flossing?
Teacher Reflections:
 After I completed the lesson, I concluded that students may work better with more visual aids.

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