Lesson Plan : Full Body Workout: Introduction

Teacher Name:
 Jay Darr
 Grade 7-8
 PE and Health

 Full Body Workout Introduction: Wii Biggest Looser Beginner
 Introduction to a full body workout at a beginner level.
 Students must fully participate in the entire workout. This will not tax the students body much due to the intentions of introducing the students to a full body workout.
 Gym, gym wall, projector, speakers, Wii, Biggest Looser game, cones
 Students will stretch prior to the activity to minimize injury and increase limberness to complete assigned lesson. They will then walk 2 laps, jog 2 laps, and walk 2 more laps prior to coming together at center court for introductions of the day's goals. Students will then be instructed on these goals and objectives as well as answer any questions regarding their behavior expectations.
 Workout will then begin. Instructor will be in front of class as the exercises are performed on screen. Instructor will pause workout and demonstrate proper technique for exercises prior to the onscreen reps being performed by the class.
 Once specific exercise es have been demonstrated by the instructor, the onscreen workout will commence. instructor will perform exercise with students while monitoring correct technique, participation, and behavior of the students. Pausing to answer question is permissible during this introductory lesson.
 It is the policy of this school and teacher to make all possible accommodations for students with disabilities in accordance with federal and state law.
Checking For Understanding:
 Assessment and feedback comes in the form of observations of students proper technique and matching the on-screen movements of the virtual instructor.
 Upon completion of workout, students will come together at center court and be asked for questions regarding the techniques and procedures that were used for this lesson. Inform students that this workout will increase in intensity the better we get at it. Encourage those that are bored with the low level to stick with it and encourage those that are having difficulty to push themselves to become more proficient.
Teacher Reflections:

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