Lesson Plan : Your Health and Fitness

Teacher Name:
 Shiheerah Smiley
 Grade 4
 PE and Health

 P.E. and Heath
 Jump roping(25), hoola hoops(1 minute), roller blades(2 laps), sit-ups(20), jumping jacks(15)
 To become more fit and healthy
 This performance is to help target great exercise techniques that the students can grow into as they grow older.
 Jump roes, hoola hoops, and roller blades
 This is an activity that requires work, but will also be a fun experience for the children. The different activities will bring different challenges and excitement to the children. This will be a competition to see who can complete the activities to the best of his/her own ability inside groups.
 There will be five different stations. The students will split into groups. Each group will select a station. Amongst the groups the students are competing to complete the activities fully before the other groups.
 All activities must be done within the groups.
 Students whom experience back problems may be excluded from any painful activities. An alternate activity will be given.
Checking For Understanding:
 1. Repeat the procedures given 2. Ask students for questions 3. Ask at least one student to demonstrate activities given from each station.
 Tell the students how important it is to exercise daily. Ask students to repeat a learned fact.
 1. Observe how long it takes a student to hoola hoop. 2. Observe if a student can exceed the max. limit of activities within the given time limit.
Teacher Reflections:
 1. Evaluate students progress 2. How much did the student get out of the activities 3. What activities were least or most successful.

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