Lesson Plan : Turning over a new leaf

Teacher Name:
 Ms. Alexander
 Grade 7-8
 PE and Health

 Creating a classroom contract and completing self-interest forms.
 Leadership/Cooperative Activities
 To allow teacher to learn a little about his/her students. To have students working together to achieve a collective agreement/goal.
 problem solving, team work, communication, citizenship/moral development
 tarp, masking tape, marker, poster supplies (bristol board, glue, scissors, marker, tape, pencils for students, self-interest forms)
 -Introduce yourself -Play a name game. - Have students stand in a circle. Explain that each student is going to find a word that begins with the same letter as their name. Ex: Awesome Alexander - Along with that name, they must create an action that everyone must mimic while saying their name. Ex: Jump on one foot. - The first student says their name and jumps, and then everyone must repeat the name/action. -The student on the left of that individual must then repeat the first name/action and create their own. The class mimics their name/action. -Each student must repeat each previous name before they state their own. If they cannot remember every name it starts back at student 1. -Introduce 6 themes to be covered and the possibility of activities (highlight ones that show most interest) - Ask students if they want to learn something this year - In order for us to learn effectively, everyone must be respectful.
 -Ask the group to sit around their tarp. Have each student identify a change they would like to make to help their classroom run more effectively. On a piece of masking tape, have each student write one word, phrase or symbol that represents their goal and stick it on the tarp. -Now turn the tarp over. Have students think of something that could prevent the class from that goal. On a piece of masking tape, have them write the word, phrase, or symbol to represent the obstacle and stick it on the tarp. - Now, ask the students to step on the tarp (obstacle side up.) The challenge is for the class to turn over their �leaf� for a good, new start to the year. No part of their body can be touching the ground around the tarp.
 -If students find the task difficult, facilitate the turning process. -If students find the task too easy, try no talking or blindfold half of the class.
Checking For Understanding:
 Assessment will be on student participation and the class end discussion.
 Sit in a circle for class discussion: -What was the most difficult part of this challenge? -How did you work through it? -How does this activity compare to making real life changes in our lives?
Teacher Reflections:

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