Lesson Plan : Circuit Training

Teacher Name:
 Gail Stewart
 Grade 7-8
 PE and Health

 The goal of this lesson is for my students to increase their heart rate by doing a variety of exercises.
 The learner will increase their heart rate by completing a cricuit of a variety of exercies that will help thie cardiovascular health.
 The teacher will explain what circuit training is and why is it important in physical education. The students will be introduced to the 5 exericises they will be doing in the circuit. All of the exercies have been taught to the students, so the students will know from prior knowdlege what the exercieses are.
 The teacher will demonstrate the proper way to do pushups, situps, "step ups", jumping rope, and side to sides. The five circuits will be at the four corners and one in the center of the gym. Each station will have a 1 minute time with 30 seconds to get to the next station. Each student should go through the entire circuit twice. The teacher will devide the students into 5 groups. (It does not matter how you do this as long as all students are included) Once divided, the students are put at one of the 5 stations to get ready to begin.
 The students are at their circuits and ready. On the whistle, the students begin their circuit. When one minute is up, the teacher will blow her whistle to prompt the students to stop and to get ready to go to the next circuit. The teacher will blow the whistle for the students to rotate then again to begin the next circut. This will continue until all students have completed the circuit two times.
 For students with disabilites the teacher will modify the curcuit,but still having the student meet the objective by completing the circuit.
Checking For Understanding:
 Ask the students what they thought of the circuit and if they feel as if they got a good workout in.
 The teacher will explain that circuit training is important because it allows one do get a good cardiovascular workout in, in a differant way.
 The teacher will evaluate the lesson by the students performace during the lesson. All students should have been actively engaged in the circuit and been able to be successuful through the entire circuit.
Teacher Reflections:

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