Lesson Plan : What makes us grow

Teacher Name:
 Christina Testa

 What Makes Us Grow
 To help children see the importance of eating healthy and getting exercise to help them grow stronger each day. Provide my students with boooks, pamphlets, and pictures about health, safety, and nutrition.
 To have children see first hand what the benefits are of eating healthy and exercise. Have children perform activities that will require them to exercise. Being Healthy (focus on eating healthy foods to make you strong, keeping ourselves healthy by washing our hands, brushing teeth, and taking baths.)
 All About Me (focus on our body parts and do some measuring as in height, foot and hand length, briefly touch on the subject of bones and how they help us). Magazines for collage of healthy foods.
  Read The Busy Body Book by Lizzy Rockwell. It's A kid's guide for health, safety, and nutrition. Have a group discussion on what they have learned and what they think.
 Explain to your students the reasons why our bodies grow, and ask them to share some activities they do to help them stay active.
 To help children understand about the human body draw a skeleton and have the children glue on q-tips for bones. Have your student draw pictures of what they think is healthy eating, and exercise. Ask A doctor to visit and discuss with your students what they can do do to help their bodies grow strongand healthy.
 Open the dramatic play area and allow them to act out a play demonstrating what they have learned.
Checking For Understanding:
 Ask questions and have them answer after the unit is over to see if the information was received and is being practiced.
 Give your students a picture of a food pyramid and any pamphlets that you collected from start to finish and a copy of their favorite food and exercise's to do at home with their family.
 During regular circle time have the children give you periodic updates on ways to keep you growing, both healthy and strong.
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