Lesson Plan : Teamwork

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 Heather Burchett RN
 PE and Health

 Teamwork at School and at Home
 Lesson Integrates Practical Living and Mathematics Compnents Vocabulary Words for Practical Living Skills: Respect, Responsibilty, Conflict, Feelings, Sharing, Listening, Peers, Families, Teams, Behavior, Fairness, Communication, & Cooperation
 -The students will be given the definition of teamwork. -The students will demonstrate teamwork with members of the class -Demonstrate an understanding of how to cooperate with others to accomplish a goal.
 PL-E-1.1.1 Individual behaviors (e.g., etiquette, fairness, politeness, sharing, listening) show responsibility and respect to others (e.g., families, peers, teams). PL-E-1.1.3 Groups function more effectively when members follow certain behaviors (e.g., conflict-resolution strategies, problem identification, communication).
 POS-HE-P-2 Students will recognize the concept of individual´┐Żs responsibility to others. POS-HE-P-3 Students will demonstrate responsibility to oneself and others. POS-M-P-GM-16 Students will determine length with nonstandard units. CA Students will explore estimation of length and weight with nonstandard units. POS-M-P-GM-15 Students will compare and order by size (e.g., large/small).
 Activities: Paperclip gum challenge. Working in their learning teams (4-5 students), each team will be handed a paper bag containing the following items: a piece of chewing gum, a piece of paper, 10 paperclips, a piece of string, and five circular stickers. Give them five minutes to make the longest object, without talking at all. Afterwards, have students use a tape measure to measure their object. Graph results on board. Look at the longest, shortest, and middle (median). Discuss what was easy and what was hard about creating their object. How did they communicate? What would they have done differently?
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