Lesson Plan : Introduction to the 5 Food Groups

Teacher Name:
 Ms. Ennis
 Grade 3
 PE and Health

 The Five Food Groups
 Students will identify the Five Food Groups and use technology (multimedia and computer) to communicate information. Children will learn about the five food groups as well as the specific foods found in each of these groups.
 Student will demonstrate an understanding of the five food groups and which foods belong to each group. They will understand good choices versus bad choices.
 To gain a greater understanding of the daily recommended food groups and foods within those groups.
 Computer with internet access,headphones printer,overhead projector in classroom, laptop with Windows Media Player (PC) or Quicktime Player (MAC)
 The class will be split in half. Twelve students will go to the media center with Mrs. Townsend(paraprofessional), to utilize the computers and visit sites related to the five food groups.The other twelve students will watch an introduction video and discuss the importance eating healthy.The two groups will alternate at the completion of the first activity.
 The students who remain in the room with Ms. Ennis, will watch a few short video clips introducing the topic. 1.My Pyramid Animation http://mypyramid.gov/global_nav/media_animation.html 2.Partnering with my Pyramid parts 1-3 http://mypyramid.gov/podcasts/index.html
 Mrs. Townsend will assist all children in the media center with accessing the correct sites, and printing the My Pyramid worksheet they will later fill in. It can be found at http://teamnutrition.usda.gov/resources/mpk_coloring.pdf During this time, students will be allowed to spend time playing the interactive video game My Pyramid Blast Off Game http://mypyramid.gov/kids/kids_game.html
 Peter had been diagnosed with mild hearing loss. The use of headphones in the media center will help all the students play the interactive game. The short films in the classroom have several scenes that will enable a child who can read lips understand what the film is about. The first film has a lot of color and words explaining the five food groups. Also, the small group that will watch the films will mean less talking among students. The assistance from Mrs. Townsend may also prove to be helpful to Paul, and the use of video games may help Mary with focusing.
Checking For Understanding:
 The assessment will be correctly filling in and coloring the worksheet provided as a homework assignment.
Teacher Reflections:

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