Lesson Plan : Positive Atmosphere In Physical Education Class

Teacher Name:
 Coach Cheek
 Grade 9-10
 PE and Health

 McIver Physical Education Class
 P.E. Class for all students at the Education Center. Students are Autistic or Intellectually troubled. Age Range 5-22. Groups-K-5, Middle School, & High School.
 To Engage All Learners in a comfortable environment to promote easy learning for each individual. Get Every Student involved and pay every student equal amount of attention.
 Adaptive P.E. & IEP individual Education P.E. APE focuses on the students learning as a whole. IEP is for the students who will not really do will in the group setting because of special needs. 1. Roll Call 2. Walk/Run 3. Circle Time 4. Activity
 Schedule Board-(Listed the daily activities) 1. Roll Call 2. Walk/Run 3. Circle Time 4. Activity Little poker chips for Roll Call Basketball was the activity so basketballs where needed.
 Roll Call- Students would go put a poker chip in their name on the board when there name was called to account for their presence. It got the kids active early by running or walking, and their name was ever in the same spot so it was like a little game. Walk/Run- is just a simple warm up after roll call. The students walk or run around the gym floor for 5mins or so Circle Time- Was a group activity that required all of the students to come to the middle of the court, hold hands, and sing the team song to get the students happy and ready for action or play.
 Activity- Basketball was the activity for the month. Model the students by demonstration of dribbling the ball, how to shoot, etc.
 One Guidance technique was to put the child's hand that cant dribble to well under your hand, and you dribble the ball with them. You help them bounce the ball up and down.
 Accommodate for each child accordingly. Each child will need special attention.
Checking For Understanding:
 Feedback is giving a lot. KP and KR are given out equally to each student.
 Circle Time again. Dismissal
 Smiles of students. Make sure each student feels involved today. Help Teach a child a new skill today.
Teacher Reflections:
 Reaction Depends on completion of evaluation goals.

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