Lesson Plan : Creating a video production

Teacher Name:
 Fred Starling
 Grade 11-12
 PE and Health

 Creating an instructional wrestling video.
 Wrestling basics, incorporating a list of terms including: cross face, take down, single leg takedown, double leg take down, fireman carry, top position, bottom position, referee position, reversal, advantage, meet, match, half nelson, full nelson, slamming, cradle, pin, and riding time.
 1. Have students gain a basic understanding of the sport of wrestling. 2. Have students gain a basic understanding of how to produce an instructional video.
 TLW: be able to recognize and define the move/term demonstrated on the video. TLW: be able to list, step by step, how to produce an instructional video.
 video recorder, list of terms, production software, computer, smart board.
 Instructional video production
 The business and technology teacher will take a video, and a list of wrestling terms, which have already been completed by some of our students, and walk the students through the process of putting them together to create the instructional video.
 Students, in pairs, will then be invited to come forward, with their set of instructions, and replicate the process for the class
 Students will be paired so more technologically advanced students can guide those less advanced in the process.
Checking For Understanding:
 The less advanced person will explain, with help from their student mentor, if necessary, the process and why each step is necessary.
 Give a test on the wrestling terms after adequate viewing and review of the video, and point out how this form of media helped them learn subject matter of a relatively obscure sport.
 Good grades on the wrestling terms due to more brain stimulation by the video production
Teacher Reflections:

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