English Language Arts Web Quests

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  • A Poetry Scavenger Hunt! - Welcome to the poetry scavenger hunt! Be the first to find them all, or the group with the most, and you get a PRIZE!
  • Basics Tools of Word 2010 - In this web quest the task will be to use the basic programs and tools of Microsoft Word 2010.
  • Biography of Walt Disney - In this web quest you will write a biography on the life of the man known as Walt Disney.
  • Creating Your Speech - To deliver a three- minute informative or narrative speech.
  1. Character - What is character?
  2. Charlotte's Web - Your mission is to read Charlotte's Web and create an activity booklet that includes the items on the following list.
  3. Crucible WebQuest - Often in literature characters are influenced by the religious and social customs of the period in which they live. By researching various aspects of Puritan life during the seventeenth century in America you will develop insight into the behavior of particular literary characters in The Crucible.
  4. Customer Service - Your task is to follow the process below and complete the assignment individually and then as a department present a PowerPoint presentation that highlights what you have learned about customer service.
  5. Cyber Bullying_: Not Ever - Through out this Webquest you will explore the meanings behind Cyber Bullying. You will undertake activities in order to form a clearer understanding of the roles of the bully, the victim and the bystander.
  6. Cyberbulling Stinks! - You will be examining the topic of cyberbullying. With more technology being available, there are also more opportunities to be unkind to others.
  7. Dewey Decimal System - When you finish this Web quest not only will you be able to find the book, you will be able to find it in almost any library you enter and you will be able to teach others how to find books in libraries!
  8. Don't Forget the Lyrics! - To become a master of your group's part of speech and present your musical talents to the class.
  9. Field Trip to Epcot - How would you persuade your principal to allow the second grade to take a field trip to Disney's Epcot in Orlando, Florida?
  10. Folk Tale Writer - Your task is to write your own folktale using the resources provided. Make sure your folktale has a clear beginning, middle, and end!
  11. Fractured Fairy Tale - Complete a story map for each of the different versions of the story. Decide who's side you agree with and write a letter to the character to tell them you are on your side.
  12. Gary Paulsen - How do writers get the information for their books. Research Gary Paulsen and interview him about how he gets the ideas for his books.
  13. Lets Dance Flamenco! - No course about Spanish culture is completed without mentioning flamenco. What is this art about? What are its origins? Where to find a good flamenco school in Warsaw? The answers to the questions are hidden below. Have fun!
  14. Helping Holden Caulfie - How did the people and events Holden Caulfield encountered days before his nervous breakdown affect him? What role, if any, did these people and/or events play in putting Holden in his current situation?
  15. House on Mango Street - Sandra Cisneros used her Mexican heritage to portray life in the barrios. Through vignettes (short stories written like poems) she tells several incidents of many characters.
  16. Informative and Narrative Speeches - You should deliver a three minute informative or narrative speech, for this purpose you have to know the definitions of these type of speeches and their structure.
  17. Introduction to the Spanish Language - This is a WebQuest was made for high school students,commonly those in Grade 9 who are learning about the Spanish language for the first time.
  18. Job Seeking - Is it possible to have a job that is both rewarding in terms of money offering opportunities for showing your individuality, imagination and initiative?
  19. Le Carnaval - We must take what we learn and create a persuasive poster to convince everyone of how great "le Carnival" is and how it would be a beneficial school field trip.
  20. Learning How to Study - Find 5 important different study skills that you can use to help you learn.
  21. Library Connections - You are being charged with creating a three minute library commercial that will inspire 7th grade students to use the library.
  22. Lord of the Flies - Your task is to find news articles from the last 2 months (August/September). You articles must deal with each of the five themes from Lord of the Flies.
  23. Movie Review - How do you and friends choose a movie? What kind of movies do you like? What about the actors and story?
  24. Meeting People - Where are your friends from? Do you know people from other countries? Have you ever been in other countries during your holidays? If you meet a child who only speaks English, what could you tell him/her about yourself?
  25. Oh,The Places You'll Go! - What 3 colleges will meet your needs and help you on your path to success?
  26. On Writing - Today, you are going to do a little bit of reading. The purpose is to explore the thoughts of writers on the subject of writing.
  27. Organizing and Working - As a group, you will design a business. Where are you located? What is your product or service? How many employees? Your team will then complete an information packet for new hires.
  28. Parts of a Textbook - You will first take out a textbook and then follow the process below.
  29. Planning for the Future - How will you make it on your own with the responsibilities of acquiring a place to live, securing a job, and continuing with your education and planning a budget around all of the necessities needed to live.
  30. Prevent Bullying Now! - What can I do to stop bullying?
  31. Project Punctuation - You are a group of fashion designers that work for your punctuation mark: they are your client. You are creating an original look based on the personality you've determined they have that is reflected on the way they behave in sentences.
  32. Rhetorical Devices - Rhetorical Devices are a technique used in literacy that add style and clarity to writing. It gives the speaker or writer a chance to convey a specific meaning and evoke a specific emotion from the reader.
  33. Rita Williams-Garcia - Rita Williams-Garcia is the author of "Diamond Land" as well as many other exciting books. Her books are about teens and real issues.
  34. Romiette and Julio - Ever wondered what a modern Romeo and Juliet would be like? In this novel Romiette and Julio you will travel into a love story of today's world. Predict what you can expect!
  35. Russian Architecture - What are the characteristics of the Stalinist, Rococo, and Byzantine architecture?
  36. Si Tenggang's Homecoming - "si tenggang�s homecoming" is a poem about a man who has gone traveling and comes back as a better person after gaining experiences from the journey.
  37. Study Skills - Is there a right way to study?
  38. World Wide Webquest - After an emergency meeting of the PTA committee the parents of Eagle Avenue Middle School have banned the use of the Internet at school! After a vote to put a hold on all Internet activities the parents of Eagle Avenue students vow that they will never again allow their students to be put in danger by giving them access to the Internet.
  39. The Bee's Knees - You have just been hired to work for the #1 publication company in New York. The publication company was extremely impressed with how well your interview went.
  40. The Breadwinner - The purpose of this webquest is to help you learn more about Afghanistan and the novel, The Breadwinner.
  41. The Giver - Lois Lowry wrote a novel about a community that seems to function perfectly. The Giver describes a perfect society.
  42. The Gods of Olympus - The Greek gods and goddesses were a way for the ancient Greeks to explain the natural world around them.
  43. The Ideal Job - Choose which professional field you would like to explore. You must discuss as a group the three best careers within that professional.
  44. The Outsiders - The task at hand is to explore the time that the book The Outsiders is set in. You will learn more about the 1960's.
  45. The Road Not Taken - Robert Frost is one of the most well known American poets. His poetry leads the way for critical thinking and analysis.
  46. The Truth about Halloween - Today we will do some research to find out a little more about Halloween and what it represents!
  47. The G.E.E.K. of the Week
  48. Johnstown Flood of 1889
  49. Knowing Poe
  50. Single Shard, A
  51. Threads of Change in 19th Century America
  52. Victims of Mass Hysteria
  53. The World of Pigs
  54. Threads of Change in 19th Century America
  55. You're In Charge! Planning an Adventure Trip