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Le Carnaval


  All right here is the deal we might be able to go on a trip to Quebec for "Le Carnaval". All we have to do is find a way to convince the principal and your parents that it is a good idea. Today your Webquest is going to take you on a virtual tour of this great festival. We are going to learn about all the fun things we can do there and about the history behind the event.
  We must take what we learn and create a persuasive poster to convince everyone of how great "le Carnival" is and how it would be a beneficial school field trip.
A. First we will go over the expectations and criteria for the project laid out in the rubric. You can ask questions to be clear you know what is expected and how you should manage your time.

B. You will then begin your research which you have 3 40 minute periods for.
You should use your time wisely

C. You will research the following information:

1.Get a quick Idea of what le carnaval is. Watch

2. The history of the Carnaval:

3. Use Google to find out: When is the Carnaval this year ? How long is it? Name at least 3 main events which
occur during this time.

4. Choose a place where we could stay:
Explain the basics of the hotel (location, price, things found in the rooms)

5. Choose one of the activities found here:
and explain what the activity is and all about. If there is not enough information here, search for more (as shown in class) on

8. Any other information you found that you think would persuade your
principal and parents that we should take a trip to the Carnaval

D. Write down your information, then, organize the information you found.

E. Compile it in typed double-space paragraphs in full-sentences.

F. Make a persuasive poster with at least 5 pictures. Make sure you cover all of the research categories.

G. Present your project using the skills on Public Speaking we practiced in class.

  You will be marked on three main things for this project.
1. Use of class and lab time - Make sure you are always on task and working hard
2. Poster - refer to the rubric that outlines what all the requirements are for your poster
3. Oral Presentation - refer to the rubric that outlines what all the requirements are for your presentation
  Well now that we know so much about "le Carnaval" you will have no problem creating a poster and presentation to convince the principal and your parents that we should take a field trip to Quebec.

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