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House on Mango Street


  Sandra Cisneros used her Mexican heritage to portray life in the barrios. Through vignettes (short stories written like poems) she tells several incidents of many characters. The main character is young and moves from topic to topic in the novel. Each Character's story does not seem to connect with another's but all the vignettes are tied together by common themes. Much of those themes have to deal with human rights.
  Task # 1 watch the videos on YouTube from the resource section. For each video write down any important numbers that state facts, and your personal responses.
Task # 2
*in a journal discuss a human right violation that you have experienced in your life, explain how it made you feel, explain in detail what happened, and who it involved. (racism, civil rights, religious prejudices, women rights, children's rights, etc)

Task #3
Making inferences
* An inference is a logical conclusion based on previous knowledge. In literature, if a character gets a test back and smiles--the inference is that the student got a good grade. However, perhaps the student was smiling at a friend because he/she knew he/she was in trouble.

You will read about inferences at various web sites. You will solve some exercises there and you will keep a journal for inferences that you make as you read.

Task # 4
Investigate about a specific human right. (civil rights, child abuse, women's rights, grandparent's rights, etc)

You will incorporate your investigation into an oral presentation. This presentation will have an introduction, body, and conclusion.

  Task # 1
1. Write down any numbers or facts from the videos.
2. Write three well constructed sentences that form a personal response for each video.
Task #2
1. Pre-write use a mind map or visual drawings to jot down who, what,when, why, where, and how the event happened.
2. Tell your event like a story, using descriptive details full of emotion.

Task # 3
1. Think of a specific human right (child abuse, child enslavement, child marriage, selling of children, child prostitution, child abandonment, and child neglect are all forms of children's rights. choose a specific right)

2. Do your research. You may use links below to help you get started, but you will have to look other places.
3. Be sure to include facts but emphasize their importance. If you find a story of someone who was violated, you may incorporate it.
  Task # 1

Task# 3
Use ebscohost. This has several easy to read newspaper and magazine articles on a variety of topics.
  Task # 1

*You will be evaluated on your note taking skills.
*You will be evaluated on the depth and sincerity of your responses of the videos. It's fine to agree or disagree, but you need to justify your answer logically in order to be given an acceptable grade.

Task # 3
You will be evaluated using a rubric that we discuss and pass out in class.
  Send an e-mail to me at the school e-mail address sharing the thing that you have learned through these tasks and through the novel that had the greatest impact on you.

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