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Name: __________________________ Subject: Human Resources
Teacher Name: __________________________ Date: ___________________


Job Seeking and Career Choices



You are not satisfied with your current job.The working conditions are ok, and so is the remuneration. However your boss never shows any appreciation and you are never rewarded for your imagination and initiative.

The current trend among high school students is to choose a career in the health care field. The abundance of job openings as well as higher than normal pay scales has certainly been a huge factor in student interest. Unfortunately student chose a career pathway without a clear understanding of what exactly takes place with the profession they choose. The idea behind the webquest of to help students get a deeper understanding of the area of the health care field in which they show the greatest interest. The will follow through several tasks in order to accomplish this goal.


Is it possible to have a job that is both rewarding in terms of money offering opportunities for showing your individuality, imagination and initiative?

You will work with a group of 2-3 but please make sure there is no more than 3. You are using a group setting to bounce ideas of each of and not to simply shorten the work load. Therefore each person in the group must pick a different career. IF you find that the careers of interest overlap please see me and we will arrange new groups. The following tasks should be accomplished in order:


To find the answer you will need to:
1. look for some vacancies related to your needs
2. Compare the offers in relation to requirements and opportunities
3. choose the one that seems the closest to your expectations
4. apply according to the instruction of the prospective employer

1. Each student should choose a profession in which they have a significant interest in as a career pathway. In order to accomplish this, the student must use the world wide web and do a web search to become familiar with the areas of health occupations. The following sites are a good starting point to begin your research.

2. Once an occupation has been selected, you must do take the web search further to answer the following questions.
o A. What is a typical day like in this field?
o B. How many years of schooling for this career?
o C. What is the salary range for this career?
o D. What are strengths of the profession?
o E. What are the weaknesses?
o F. What are the hours like?
o G. How can you advance in the profession?
o H. What type of equipment do you work with?
o I. What type of characteristics should you have for this profession?
o J. Is this field in demand?
o K. IS this a field that I could see myself working in for a long lasting career?
o L. What type of setting do people in the position typically find employment?
3. After you have collected all of the information from your websearch you must prepare a professional style brochure. This should be done from an informational, yet persuasive perspective. The person reading the brochure should be both informed and excited about the pathway you choose.

4. The next step is to actually immerse yourself in the reality of the job. In order to do this you must contact a place where your chosen healthcare field is employed and set up a time to job shadow one of the employees. Make sure you network family members and friends to help you gain access to workers that will be willing to let you observe and I will also be able to help if you find yourself in a bind.
A. After the observation you must compose a 1 page type summary of you experience. Please include details of what you witnessed and also if your opinion of the pathway has changed either for the positive or negative or if it has remained unchanged.

5. The final step is to bring your observations back the classroom. This is to be done in the form of a live skit or a pre-recorded video. You must use at least 3 props which can range from stethescopes to dummy dolls to any type of medical or healthcare equipment. This will be a part of your grade so please take this section seriously. The information presented should informational in terms of the duties for the selected pathway but it should also include recruitment aspects.



You are not sure about which one to choose so you decide to write an e-mail to your friend summarizing the good and bad points about 3 of the vacancies that suit you so that he can advise you on which position to apply for.

Evaluation Rubric
This is how you will be scored:
1 pts. 2 pts. 3 pts. 4 pts. 5 pts. Score
Questions questions not answered completely will NOT be given credit 1-3 questions out of 12 answered completely with details 5-7 questions answered out of 12 completely with details 8-9 questions answered out of 12 completely with details 10-11 questions answered out of 12 completely with details All 12 questions answered completely with details
Brochure make sure to be professional no glue marks, tape an use the webquest questions as a guide for the information
Student did not take their time several key points are missing, the is very little color or pictures Informative but is not professional, and several key factors are missing Neat but not Professional with at least 2 colors, neat fonts and 3 pictures Professional with at least 3 colors, neat fonts and 4 pictures Professional with at least 4 colors, neat fonts, at least 4 pictures very informational
1/2 page Sloppy
1 page Neat Handwritten
1 full page Neat
3/4 page Neat
1 full page
Not all members participated
No use of equipment
Limited creativity Not all members participated
Limited use of equip.
Limited creativity Not all members participated
Use of equip.
limited creativity All members participated
Use of equip.
limited creativity All members participated
Use of equip.


Write an e-mail to you parents telling them which job you have decided to choose and why.

Please send feedback to me via email so that I can adjust assignment next time if I need to. Please share with me what works and what doesn't.

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