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Name: __________________________ Subject: Microsoft Word 2010
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Basics Tools of Word 2010


  Here is a web quest that will teach you the basics of using Microsoft Office Word 2010. It will give you a step by step tutorial on using some of the few programs on Microsoft Word. I must remind you that there are lots of other options as well. If you just explore a little you can find many different tools to help you.
  In this web quest the task will be to use the basic programs and tools of Microsoft Word 2010.
  To insert a picture you need to, open a new word document, click on insert at the top, then click on picture, then you may choose which picture you like. To create a heading or topic with word art, first open a blank word document, go to insert (located on the top), towards the right there will be a button that says word art, click on it and you will find that there are many options such as color, size, font, and shape. To copy and paste text or pictures, highlight the needed item and right click, next click on copy, go to your word document and right click, on the desired area, and select paste. To check on your grammar use and or spelling you got on the top of the tool bar and click on Review, then under proofing click on spelling and grammar. It will then check on misspelled word and misuse of grammar.
  If you need extra help or have concerns you can go to the following websites for directions, examples, and tutorials.,
  Your achievement will be the knowledge to use the basic tools and steps of Microsoft Word 2010.
  At the end of this webquest you should be able to do the following: Copy and paste pictures and or text; Create a heading or topic with word art; Insert a picture from word; And to spell check the completed work. Do you now know the basic tools or Microsoft Word 2010? How long did this webquest take?

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