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Name: __________________________ Subject: Grammar: Parts of Speech
Teacher Name: ___________________ Date: ___________________


Don't Forget the Lyrics!


  Grammar...Boring...Music...BETTER! You are going to embark on a quest to become WHMS's next Grammar Idol!
  To become a master of your group's part of speech and present your musical talents to the class.

Group Roles (all group members are the talent):
Coach/Producer: Makes sure everyone particpates and is on task each day.
Recorder/Mixer: Writes down all answers on paper.
Typist/Hacker: Person who does all the typing and clicking.
  1. Pick and record your group roles and lyric topic.
2. Complete parts of speech notes worksheet.
3. Perform at least 3 lyric activities.
4. Locate your music and song lyrics.
5. Rehearse your song.
6. Present your song to class.
  You will be graded on your notes, 3 lyric activities, group work, and song presentation.
  Your final task is to go to my WHMS school website and send me an email describing what you liked, didn't like, and what can be improved for this Grammar Idol.

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