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Name: __________________________ Subject: Halloween
Teacher Name: ___________________ Date: ___________________


The Truth about Halloween



What do you think Halloween is all about?
Where did it come from?

Today we will do some research to find out a little more about Halloween and what it represents!

Introduce this subject around Halloween by asking "Do ghosts exist?" or "Has anyone ever been on a haunted tour?" Then lead in to the lesson by introducting the students to the main Illinois Hauntings website.


Why do we celebrate Halloween?
Where does Halloween come from?
What are some symbols of Halloween?
Why do we Dress Up on Halloween?

Students will research Illinois Hauntings website and create a map of tours available throughout Illinois.


In order to answer these questions, you will examine different websites to find some answers.

-Students will research the different areas that are mentioned on the site (Chicago, Decatur, Alton, Lebanon, and Jacksonville) and gather their "haunted tour" information.
-Students will gather the admission fees, driving directions, mileage, and various pictures of the haunted places.
-Students will create a map of the driving route that is needed to get to the various parts of Illinois for the haunting tours.
-Students will pick one of the five sites mentioned on the website and create a brouchure for other classmates.




When you have found the answers to your questions, organize your information in a way that will help you present to your friends and family.

Students will be evaluated by the accuracy of the map and meet the criteria for the brouchure.


What did you find out about Halloween that you did not know before?
Did this change your idea of symbols and things that you associate with Halloween?

Students will record their self reflections of the assignment in a daily journal.

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