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Name: __________________________ Subject: Greek Gods and Goddesses
Teacher Name: ___________________ Date: ___________________


The Gods of Olympus


  The Greek gods and goddesses were a way for the ancient Greeks to explain the natural world around them. The gods and goddesses had colorful personalities and complicated relationships with each other and with mortals.
  Choose a god or goddess from the following Olympian Gods:
Aprhodite - goddess of love
Apollo - lord of the sun
Ares - god of war
Artemis - goddess of the moon
Athena - goddess of wisdom
Demeter - goddess of seasons
Dionysus - god of wine
Hades - god of the underworld
Hephaestus - god of the forge
Hera - queen of the gods
Hermes - god of travelers
Hestia - goddess of the home
Poseidon - god of the sea
Zeus - king of the gods

No more than three students per god/goddess.

Using the questionnaire given, research that god or goddess to make a poster about him or her.
  Web resources will be provided for this assignment. Use the information here to learn about your god or goddess, using the research questions to guide you.
  God or goddess poster, showing a picture of the chosen deity, and a summary of the research on him or her.
  We will come back together as a class at the end of the project to discuss each of the gods and goddesses.

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