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  1. A Clue for Keyboarding- Students will be able to locate keys on the keyboard without looking at the keyboard, bulletin boards, and charts.
  2. Acronym Names- Using the word processor.
  3. Company Stockholder Newsletter- They will use WordArt and/or a scanner to create letterhead stationery for their business. Students will use this stationery for their newsletter.
  4. Computer Lesson (Claris Works and Kid Pix)- Teach students how to write Haiku Poems.
  5. Creating a Business- Students are to choose an imaginary business. In Art class, they will design a logo for their business. In Computer class, they will make business cards that include that logo and a brochure that details their business.
  6. Creating a Web Page (en espanol)- Student will be introduced to HTML and the construction of a simply website with a minimum of 3 links to sites of a like interest.
  7. Evaluating Web Sites- Provide students with information on web site evaluation, give guided practice and then provide activities to apply their knowledge using the checklist for evaluation.
  8. Freddie the Fungus: A Play about Decomposers- Combine Language Arts (Haiku Poems) and Computers.
  9. Getting Inspired- Demonstrates knowledge of how to create, access, and utilize information through technology.
  10. Ideas for Computer Teachers- These are just some quick ideas that I have created to help teachers and students have fun with computers.
  11. Lemonade business- To learn to use all features of Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Power Point to create charts and graphs and use those charts and graphs to make a Power Point Presentation on your lemonade stand's profit/loss for the month.
  12. Lesson Plans for Every Classroom- 60 computer lesson plans.
  13. Microsoft 98- Following a brief introduction to the class, the high school freshmen will be able to turn on their personal computers, access the different Microsoft programs, and use them to complete a trial assignment allowing three errors after the use of all programs.
  14. Introduction to PowerPoint - At the end of the lesson, the student will be able to launch the program, save a file, and exit the program. The student will also be able to correctly identify the default file extension of a PowerPoint program.
  15. PowerPoint Project for Creating a New Business- This lesson plan is the final part of a project called the Integrated Business Project. The time frame is about 1 week.
  16. Running a Business- The students are then assigned to imagine that they are the owner of a store. They need to determine twenty items that they would sell.
  17. Simon Says: Let's Learn the Computer Parts- Introduce the students to the parts of the computer (monitor, keyboard, mouse, printer, etc.) with an oral lesson.
  18. Space Presents Problems- Students will utilize the Internet, spreadsheets, and databases to solve problems relating to space.
  19. The Power of Poetry- Students will utilize the Internet to research figures of speech used in poetry and poetry terms.
  20. Using Chart Wizard in MS-Excel- Students will need to develop at least one line graph and a pie chart, which they will need to present to the other class members.
  21. Using Power Point in the Classroom- Teacher will learn how to incorporate Power Point into the daily Lessons by the hands on method.
  22. Web Page Scavenger Hunt- Local students have been given the assignment to create a web site for their school. How would they decide what to put on their site?