Grade 6 Through Grade 8 Technology Lesson Plans

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  • Chips Ahoy: Chip Off the Old Block - Students use cards showing pictures of adult and baby animals to identify similar characteristics shared by parents and their offspring.
  • Does Your Fitness Compute? - Students chart and analyze baseline data pertaining to improving and maintaining fitness levels.
  • Robots - Students will understand that robots can help disabled human beings.
  • What's Up, Doc? - Students create and then participate in a fitness program designed to improve their cardiovascular fitness. Students document the benefits of participation in the fitness program in their journals.
  1. The Changing Role of Technology - Students should be able to identify and describe the effects of technology's changes in the way that we learn, live, work, and play or entertain.
  2. Using the Prezi Presentation Tool - This lesson helps students under the use of the Prezi Presentation Tool. It also aims to help them learn better computer based research skills.
  3. What's My Total? - This lesson teaches students how to calculate the total cost of an evening out. A student leads his/her peers in this activity.
  4. When One Beat Is Better Than Two - Students create an individualized wellness plan that addresses these controllable health risk factors: - obesity - high cholesterol level - high blood pressure - inactivity.