Lesson Plan Title : Using the Prezi Presentation Tool

Overview and Purpose: This lesson helps students under the use of the Prezi Presentation Tool. It also aims to help them learn better computer based research skills.


1.Students will learn to use and create an "Interesting Me" presentation using the Prezi program and be able to show someone else how to use the basic program.

2.Students will introduce themselves, get to know one another and get intouch with their interests and possible topics to research at a later date.

3.Students will be introduced to the instructor and the "WebTools" 8th Grade exploratory class rules/ expectations.

4.Students will have an understanding of the importance of using presentation tools.


1.Show completed Presentations created by Prezi and introduce the "WebTools" Course/instructor using the Prezi Presentation Tool.

2. Students will view the online Prezi Tutorial and handouts on "Prezi Tips".

3. Students will create their own "Interesting Me" Prezi presentation, present it and view other student presenations.


computer lab/laptops, projector, "Prezi Tips" handouts



1. Introduce instructor, WebTools course objectives, lab rules and student behavior expectations.

2. Discuss what presentation tools are available on the web or in Microsoft Office Tools.

3. Ask students to brainstorm why it would be useful to know how to use a presentation tool.


1. Show students how to log into Prezi using teacher password at www.prezi.com

2. View the Prezi online tutorial on laptop/projector.

3. Model how to create a Prezi by taking students step-by-step through the handout at while instructor demonstrates by creating his/her own "Interesting Me" presentation.

Class Practice:

Day #1 -

1.Students learn how to login to the Prezi program and begin a new presentation.

2.Students learn how to use the basic features of the Prezi program by exploring it with the instructor's help/supervision.

3.Students learn how to save and share their newly created presentation before leaving.

Independent Practice:

Day #2 & #3 -

1.Students create an "Interesting Me" presentation based on the project guidelines/rubric.

2.Students can work on their presentation from home if they wish.

Accommodations (Differentiated Instruction):

1.Students can work in pairs on this project.

2.Students can come in the lab to get extra help at appropriate times.

3.Students can continue to work on their presentation at home with help.

Learning Checkup:

1.Students will show another person how to use the program and have a sign off slip to prove it.

2.Instructor observation.

3.Student presentations of finished project.

Wrap Up:

1.Restate the importance of learning to use presentation tools.

2.Discuss how presentation tools can aide in their future education classes and different job fields.