Lesson Plan : The Changing Role of Technology

Teacher Name:
 Venecia Nichols
 Grade 7-8
 Vocational Ed.

 Technology and Smarthouse Devices
  A. Describe the impact of technology on� 1. Education 2. Home 3. Work and Play
 Students should be able to identify and describe the effects of technology's changes in the way that we learn, live, work, and play or entertain. Technology and computers have evolved dramatically and students should be able to relate the differences between the time when their parents were in school to the present era of computers.
 TLW Describe the changing role of technology and its effect on society.
 Student Computers, Internet, Website: www.csli.stanford.edu/arch/smarthouse/, Microsoft Publisher
 To start the lesson, a power point slide presentation will be presented to the students which will display a variety of "Smarthouse" devices installed in a home equipped with many different items.
 Each student will be given a sheet of paper with a picture of a smarthouse device. The students will be grouped by twos and asked to research and identify the smarthouse item on their papers. The teacher will start the activity by identifying one of the devices and showing students where to find the information needed to identify their devices.
 Students will be allowed to use the internet as a resouce, as well as their partners, to research each device and find any and all information related to their smarthouse devices. The teacher will circulate the room to provide input and advice on how to gather information.
 Students will create their flyers according to their specific abilities. They may be as creative and fancy, or as basic as they would like to be with their flyers. For instance, students with special needs will not be required to be as detailed with their smarthouse flyers.
Checking For Understanding:
 A class discussion will take place and students will be asked to explain whether or not they feel that technology has made a significant change on our society.
 Students will present their Smarthouse Flyers to the rest of the class and explain what features they have and what tasks that each of their devices perform.
 The students will be assessed according to the curriculum-based Classroom Manager Test bank with questions that align with this competency.
Teacher Reflections:
 I feel that this lesson went very well. The students really enjoyed learning about the new and different technology that is available on the market, but they were surprised to learn that some of their homes and some of their parents' jobs are already equipped with some smarthouse devices.

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