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  1. Computer and Information Literacy - Provides a solid foundation in basic computer concepts and the essentials of hardware, software, operating systems, and the Internet.
  2. Internet Lesson Plans- The following lesson plans have been set up for classroom use and are designed to teach something about the Internet, teach how to use the Internet, and teach something by using information gained from the Internet.
  3. Internet Research Strategies - Students will learn different ways to use the Internet for research purposes in a positive and proactive manner.
  4. Internet Safety - We will look at a wide array of issues when working on the Internet. Including: Internet Safety, Cyber bullying, Netiquette, the Do's and Dont's.
  5. Reading on the Web - Students will be able to evaluate the credibility of a web site for truth in information and legitimacy of information.
  6. Social Internet-Working - This lesson is to educate students on Social Networking websites and to collect information for research purposes using a cooperative learning group format.
  7. The Changing Role of Technology - Students should be able to identify and describe the effects of technology's changes in the way that we learn, live, work, and play or entertain.