Lesson Plan Title : Internet Safety

Overview and Purpose: We will look at a wide array of issues when working on the Internet. Including: Internet Safety, Cyber bullying, Netiquette, the Do's and Dont's.


1. Learn safety rules.

2. Learning to search the Internet.

3. Proper use of copywrited material.

4. Understand Social, Ethical, and Human issues.

5. Learn proper use of telecommunication tools.

6. Students use technology to make informed decisions.

7. Completion of Internet Safety Worksheet.

8. Discussion about online Awareness.

9. The ability to make a timeline using Word.


1. Engage in learning activities with learners from multiple cultures through email and other electronic means.

2. Demonstrate the safe and cooperative use of technology.

3. Independently apply digital tools and resources to address a variety of tasks and problems.

4. Create a finished product to display in the class, library, or in their home next to the computer.

5. Student lead discussion will determine the classrooms understanding of the topic.

6. Projector lead timleine creation/students ability to follow directions from their own workstation.


Computer lab


Worksheets(have late student pass out)

Class roster and checklist


Poster program (such as PrintShop)



1. Ask students about what dangers they think they could encounter online?

2. Compile class list of the benefits and risks of using the internet and compare.

3. Share a student story of cyber bullying.

4. Class Discussion on possible punishment for disobeying the rules.

5. Discuss copy-write policies


1. Show and explain the definition of cyber bullying.

2. Explain how cyber bullying can negatively affect others and even expose them online putting them at risk.

3. Explain what could happen if they participated in cyber bullying in regards to school attendance.

4. Explain how to use a Search Engine.

5. Draw the timeline on the board and discuss how you will make this in Microsoft Word

6. Make sure students are writing the weeks objectives/assignments in their agendas

Class Practice:

1. Have students get into groups and compile a list of possible ways to cyber bully.

2. Have students discuss how they would feel if they were cyber bullied.

3. Have groups create a skit of cyber bullying and how it would look.

4. Have each student look up a topic, then explain if they should follow other links. Why or why not?

5. Have each student sign a internet safety pledge.

6. Break into discussion and go thru the Q's(as long as there is participation continue)

Independent Practice:

1. Have students write a journal entry type of story about their personal views on cyber bullying.

2. Have students create ways to help those who have been victims of cyber bullying.

3. Have students write their own list of benefits and dangers associated with internet use.

4. Pictures on the net are the property of someone else. With teacher's help, request permission to use pictures (Child can dictate to teacher what an email should say without having to use email themselves.)

Accommodations (Differentiated Instruction):

1. Provide separate lesson concerning over sharing information on social networks for those who do not feel comfortable with cyber bullying.

2. Provide audio versions of video to any blind students.

3. Provide individual activities for those special education students who may not want to work in a group.

4. Instead of using PrintShop for posters, students can print out pictures and create large posters on posterboard with glue, markers, and other stuff.

5. Class discussion and 4-square Vocabulary building allows for multiple levels of student knowledge to be expressed and accounted for.

Learning Checkup:

1. Quiz students on definition of cyber bullying.

2. Have students list 5 ways to cyber bully and the negative affects on the victim.

3. Have groups perform their skits.

4. After the posters are done, hang them around the room and allow each child to explain their poster.

5. Check screens after projector demonstration of timeline to check class ability to follow along and successfully create a timeline

Wrap Up:

1. Compile another class list of the types of cyber bullying and the outcome for each.

2. Leave posters up for a few days before they find their new home.