Lesson Plan : Social Internet-Working

Teacher Name:
 Ms Sumner
 Grade 7-8

 This lesson is to educate students on Social Networking websites and to collect information for research purposes using a cooperative learning group format.
 The lesson cross all curriculum areas including technology& Literacy, English Language Arts, Social Studies, Science, Social Skills. It includes viewing links on the Web, Organizing data, Communicating electronically, and Teamwork.
 Goals of this lesson include to use internet resources to collect, research and organize information, use critical thinking skills to make informed decisions and communicate in a variety of ways online and to work cooperatively as a group.
 The lesson will allow students an interpersonal exchange with others in an online format, that encourages research methods and internet practices. It includes a forum for online etiquette and social networking skills in the 21st century. Finally it incorporates all academic and technology disciplines.
 Computers with online access; graphic organizers, charts,, hyperlinks, videos, pencils, teacher created weblinks, and students created passwords.
  1. Students will view and assess 4 online social networking websites and identify at least 5 main features. 2. Students will use graphic organizer to gather and organize information to prepare a written summary. 3. Students will communicate with peers using email, blog, and online posts. 4. Students will work with peers cooperatively to complete an internet project. 5. Students will apply online etiquette while viewing and sharing electronic communications. Teacher will use KWL chart to assess prior knowledge.
 Students will work in groups of 4. Each group will research Students will work in groups of 4. Each group will research 4 given social networking sites and one of choice. Givens are; Facebook;MySpace; Qzone. The teams will identify 5 main features about the site. Students will view two video links about online etiquette and electronic communications. Then they will use a graphic organizer to collect and organize information they researched.
 After viewing video links and the social networking sites. teams will complete graphic organizer. Next each student will blog, email and post a remark on the teacher given sites. Finally teams will post their favorite social networking site on Stumbleupon.com and share reason why.
 charts and graphs, rubric, teacher modeling, multi-level learning styles addressed. Project is interactive and addresses all levels.
Checking For Understanding:
 Written feedback from students/teams;KWL brainstorming activity on social networking;Oral feedback.
 Rubric written Summary digital communications
Teacher Reflections:

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