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The Bee's Knees


  You have just been hired to work for the #1 publication company in New York. The publication company was extremely impressed with how well your interview went. You have been chosen along with 4 other employees to create a special edition on the Roaring 20s. The Great Gatsby had just been published and was an instant best seller, so the publication company wants to celebrate and acknowledge the 1920s. However, your team has a midnight deadline so it can be out ASAP. Your team is responsible for doing the research, writing the journals and designing the layout. Within your group you will designate the reporters and create the final layout.
  Each group is going to create a publication comprised of all of the writings that have been completed. The publication can be organized in any fashion. You need to create a cover and decide on an original title for their publication. We recommend that you be creative and include a variety of pictures. Each group will give a brief oral presentation covering the topics that you learned about. Your publication should be similar to the sample publications: A cover, table of contents, and five articles with graphics.
1. Read the prospective employment profile provided to you by your employer
Prospective Employment Profile:
Government/Politics/Business Reporter: This reporter will be responsible for researching all aspects related to the economy in the 1920s. This article should include a synopsis on Prohibition, speakeasies, organized crime, presidents, economic conditions, Stock Market Crash, etc.
Society/Fads/Fashion Reporter-This reporter will be responsible for researching fashion styles, hairstyles, slang language, flappers, popular trends, inventions, and science and technological advances during the 1920s.
Arts & Entertainment Reporter-This reporter will research the nightlife, popular actors/actresses, writers, literature, performers, music, dance styles, flapper culture, the jazz era, the Charleston, etc.
Biographer-This reporter will write about 3 influential people during the 1920s. One of the influential people needs to be about F. Scott Fitzgerald. You must report on their lives and explain why and how they were influential in the 1920s. Include graphics!
Sports-This reporter will research an array of sporting events that occurred during the 20s. Should discuss major events, tournaments, famous players, World Series, Stanley Cup, Olympics, most popular sport, etc.
2. Designate which reporter will complete which section of the publication.
3. Read your designated area and begin researching the websites.
4. Record information on graphic organizer. Each reporter will have a graphic organizer that corresponds to the area they are researching.
5. Write the article that is needed for the special publication. Remember to include graphics.
6. As a group, create a cover page, table of contents, and organize the articles.
7. Present your teams publication to the publication company for final approval.

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