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Biography of Walt Disney


  Walter Elias Disney was an innovative and inventive person. His creativity allowed for millions of people worldwide to appreciate and enjoy his achievements.

In this web quest you will write a biography on the life of the man known as Walt Disney.
  1. Research the life of Walt Disney.

2. Include information to answer the following questions:
a) Name, Date of Birth, Hometown, Profession, Picture/Photo.
b) What made them famous?
c) How did their work change the world?

  To complete the task you will take the following steps:

1) List five questions you would like to ask Walter Elias Disney.
2) Use the web links provided to research the information.
3) Complete the worksheets to aid you in collecting the information you need.
  Visit the following web pages for to help you with this project.

  The completed worksheets will be graded, alongside your biography report.
  Congratulations! You have completed this task. Hopefully, you will have become inspired to create something that will help make this a better world.

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