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Cyber Bullying: Not Ever


  Welcome Students,
Through out this Webquest you will explore the meanings behind Cyber Bullying. You will undertake activities in order to form a clearer understanding of the roles of the bully, the victim and the bystander. To conclude you and some friends will have the opportunity to create a movie to show you class what you find important!
  Your goal is to create a movie. You and some classmates will collect information, find pictures and maybe all a cool song in order to demonstrate to your peers the value of knowing all about Cyber Bullying. It is important that you include topics such as; What is Cyber Bullying? Who does it affect?, How does it make the victim feel?, Who can help?, Where can you go to get help? and What can you do to stop it?
  What you have to do?
1.Answer and type all the answers in Microsoft Word.

2.Find some pictures on the internet which represent your ideas of Cyber Bullying.

3. Open Windows Movie Maker

4. Import your pictures into Movie Maker.

5.Add questions and answers to the movie by using titles and credit pages.

6. Place your photos along the photo line in movie maker.

7. Add your song to the movie to complete the task.
  To help you find your information, try the following web sites:




  Your movies will be assessed on the following criteria:
1. Was the information given relevant and true?
2. Was your movie eye catching and interesting?
3. Was all spelling and grammar correct?
4. How well did you interpret and answer the questions?
5. How well did the team perform as a group?
  Thank you for your participation with this Webquest. I am sure that you all have made fantastic movies which are informative and interesting for your classmates.

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