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Fractured Fairy Tale



Have you ever read different versions of the same fairy tale? You will read three different versions of The Three LIttle Pigs and complete several activities.

What really happened between the 3 little pigs and the big bad wolf? Is the wolf really an innocent victim who can't help the fact that he likes pigs for dinner or a victim of nature? Did you know that wolves are meat eaters? In the story " The True Story of the Three Little Pigs" the wolf insists that what happened is not his fault, but is it?

Which version of the story do you believe and why? What proof do you have that the wolf is not telling the truth? You and your team will find out the truth.


Complete a story map for each of the different versions of the story. Decide who's side you agree with and write a letter to the character to tell them you are on your side.

You will be investigating what really happened to the three little pigs. Alexander T. Wolf is proclaiming his innocence. He claims that he is the victim and has been falsely accused of a horrible crime. After all, as a wolf it's his nature to eat cute little animals. Through a mock trial, you and your classmates (as judges, jurors and other members of the court) have some important decisions to make. Should Mr. Wolf be convicted of a crime or presumed innocent? You be the judge!


You and your partner will read and complete the story map for each story. Your teacher will give you the copies that she wants you to use. Read about how to write a friendly letter. You and your partner will each need to write a letter to the fairy tale character that you agree with.

1. You will read "The True Story of the Three Little Pigs" by Jon Scieszka and Lane Smith. Click here to find out more about the authors.
2. Each of you will be assigned one of the following roles. Judge Jurors Bailiff Police Officer Court Reporter Lawyer
3. You will learn about the profession you were assigned and use the skills learned to prepare for trial.

Judge, court report and jury members must know trial procedure and how to weight information in order to come up with a fair decision.
The police must have accurate information on what actually took place between the pigs and Mr. Wolf.
The trial lawyers must know the facts!!!! You will need to defend you position in court.
4. To prepare for the trial you will need to research one of the following wolves:
Red Wolves
Desert Wolves
Wild Wolves
White Wolves
Red Wolves of Alligator River
Wolves in California

Use these questions when looking up information on your wolf.
5. You will participate in a mock trial, "Fairy Tale Court". Be prepared!!!!!

Use the following questions when looking up information on your wolf. Use at least three sources so that your report meets the standards.
1. What kind of wolf did you find information on?
2. Where does this kind of wolf live? (list all parts of the world)
3. What type of food does this wolf eat?
4. List at least 3 types of behaviors common for this type of wolf.
5. Discuss how many of these types of wolves are found today.

  Versions of the story:

A rubric will be used to assess your story maps, your friendly letter, and your participation in your project.

Script for the "Fairy Tale Court"
The Standards:

The class will write a well organized script.
You have significant information about events, characters, and setting.
Examine the reasons for a character's actions.
The script is well organized and has all of the significant information from the story.


Fairy tales can be SO much fun! I hope you enjoyed learning about them. Complete the survey your teacher has for you to tell what you thought about this project.

From this lesson you will learn a some information of how our court system works. You will also learn that there are two sides to every story based on who is telling the story. Hopefully you will learn to look at different people's views of a situation and determine how to solve a problem.

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