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Lord of the Flies


  Lord of the Flies has several different themes:

Survival- The boys are alone on a deserted island and have to learn to survive.

Loss of Innocense- The boys lose innocense through the death and destruction of the island.

Civilization vs. Savagery- The boys transform from civilized British boys to savage killers.

Abuse of Power- Power is abused on the island resulting in the suffering of others.

The evil inside us- Humans have an inherent ability to be evil.
  Your task is to find news articles from the last 2 months (August/September). You articles must deal with each of the five themes from Lord of the Flies.
  You will use the following resources to find articles. You must find 5 diferent articles, one article for each theme. You will then write a paragraph summmarizing each article. 5 pararaphs total.
  You will be evaluated on how well you summarize each article.

Site the article at the end of your paragraph. author name, article title, site, date.

example: Smith, John. Survival situations. August 2, 2010

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