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The Outsiders



Imagine you are living in a world where people are labeled. Individual people are put into groups based on where they live, how much money they have, and the group of friends they hang out with. Does this sound familiar? Is this the world that you live in? Do you think that this is an environment that only exists now?

As you read the novel, The Outsiders, there are several references to musical icons of the 50's and 60's. Evil Presley was the King of Rock'N Roll and the Beatles caused the British Invasion.


The task at hand is to explore the time that the book The Outsiders is set in. You will learn more about the 1960's. You will learn about the culture, music, and the social politics of that time!

Explain the impact that these musical icons had on society.


In this section, the teacher You will visit a variety of different websites that offer more information about that era. Remember! Do not stay on a particular website for too long! There is much to see and learn. As you go through each website, please pay attention to things that are different or the same to the world we live in today!

You will be expected to present a power point presentation explaining who the icons were and how they influenced the people of their time.


Each student is to put together a 1 page paper comparing the era of the Outsiders to the world they live in today. Make sure that you look for similarities and any differences. Has time really changed with the situations young people faced back then? Or are they the same?

You will need to have 5-8 slides. 1 slide on their date and place of birth, 2 slides on childhood and interest in music, 2-5 slides on the impact and influence of society.

Write a three paragraph evaluation of the web quest assignment. The first paragraph is what you learned paragraphs two and three will evaluate what worked and what didn't, include what you would add or change.


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