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Name: __________________________ Subject: Organizing and Work
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Organizing and Working


  Organizations are formed for three basic reasons: to create clear lines of authority, to improve productivity, and to make it easeir for people within a company to communicate with each other.
  As a group, you will design a business. Where are you located? What is your product or service? How many employees? Your team will then complete an information packet for new hires. In this packet you will include explanations and evidence (news articles, research, etc.) of why having a well defined organization makes your business successful as well as management tips.

Questions you will need to answer: Each group member should choose one question.

"Why establish lines of authority?"

"What are the benefits of dividing labor?"

"What are the advantages of communication?"

"Are you a centralized or decentralized organization?" Explain how your management is structured and why you chose this structure.

"How do you keep your employees interested in their jobs?"

"Why should every manager delegate?"
  Step 1: Each group member chooses one question from the task section to research.

Step 2: Each person in your group is responsible for writing 1-2 paragraphs answering their question, 1 picture or cartoon that goes along with the topic and finding 2-3 pieces of evidence to support their claims (news article, blog, website, video, or research.)

Step 3: Each person in your group is responsible for one page in the packet. Your page will include your paragraphs, pictures, and the sources that you used. Any hard copies of your sources should be printed and kept with your packet, although not attached to it. Each page should be designed so that it flows with the rest of the packet.

Step 4: Combine all parts of the packet and turn in.
  Here are some sources that you can use:
  Follow the rubric!
  You are now ready to explain to new employees why it is important to be organized!

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