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Dewey Decimal System


  Have you ever been frustrated when you go into a library to look for a book and didn't know where to begin looking? So how will learning the Dewey Decimal Classification help you throughout school and your adult life?

When you finish this Web quest not only will you be able to find the book, you will be able to find it in almost any library you enter and you will be able to teach others how to find books in libraries!
  1.Partner with someone
2.Learn about Dewey and his numbering system
3.Find out the Hundred's Groups and their matching Dewey Classification
4.Scavenger Book Hunt
  The Dewey Decimal Classification helps us organize our library by fiction and nonfiction and provides a breakdown of specific areas of nonfiction books. This makes it easy to research and gather information about specific topics. Since this is a standard used in most libraries, by learning it in your early years you will use it throughout the rest of your life.
Step One: Learning about Melvil Dewey
Find out who created this system we use by using this Web site
What was his name?
Where and when was he born?
What type of job did he have?
How old was he when his classification system?
Name one interesting fact about Dewey.

Step Two: Learn about Dewey's Classifications

Here is a chart of the Dewey Decimal Classification.

Dewey Decimal Classification Chart

000-Computers, Information, General Reference 100-Philosophy & Psychology 200-Religion 300-Social Sciences 400-Language
500-Science 600-Technology 700-Arts & Recreation 800-Literature 900-History & Geography

Below are a list of callnumbers. Print this page (word doc) then find a book for each call number and write the title of the book and the Dewey Category in the proper blanks.

Call Number Book Title Dewey Category
  Melvie Dewey Biography Information

Dewey Decimal Classification Chart

Book Scavenger Hunt Chart

Library Books
  1. Beginning

2. Developing

3. Accomplished

4. Exemplary

1.Illustrations of each Dewey Classification show recognizable detail Drawings show minimum of detail, but are recognizable.

2.Drawings show some detail and appropriate coloring for the classification depicted.

3.Drawings show detail and coloring appropriate to the classification depicted.

4.Drawings show detail and coloring appropriate to the classification depicted and show an understanding of the categories
  Now that you have a basic idea about the Dewey Decimal Classification see if you can extend your learning by going to these sites. Also, share what you have learned with a friend.

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