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Name: __________________________ Subject: 8th Grade Language Arts
Teacher Name: ___________________ Date: ___________________


Project Punctuation


  Punctuation is a huge problem for some people, including middle school students. You've been taught the rules of punctuation for a long time; they don't change. The problem is remembering the rules and using them correctly. To get you to think outside the box and be creative with the understanding and implementation of punctuation rules, we're going to have a fashion/runway show. There's a very popular show on right now called Project Runway, where designers are given impossible circumstances under which they create a look for a client and design the look, either by themselves or with a group, finish the look, get the model runway-ready in makeup and hair that reflects the clothing design, and a show is put on to determine who did the best job for the client. You're going to be the clothing designers. The punctuation marks are going to be your clients.
  You have each been assigned a different punctuation mark, some of you have been assigned more than one, based on the simplicity or complexity of the punctuation mark given.You are a group of fashion designers that work for your punctuation mark: they are your client. You are creating an original look based on the personality you've determined they have that is reflected on the way they behave in sentences.
  Step One: Collect data and rules about your punctuation mark(s).

Step Two: Create a persona to go along with that punctuation. Remember, we're pretending that your punctuation mark is a client, and clients are people. Think about what kind of personality your punctuation mark would have based on how it "behaves" in a sentence. Is it shy? Does it interrupt the sentence by being "rude"? Is it bold and a pure individual? Does it have a lot of uses? Perhaps it's very hard-working because it's used frequently. Think of a list of at least ten adjectives that would describe your client (punctuation mark). Use the rules from Step One to help you and list the adjectives next to the rules to prove that the punctuation mark has those personality traits.

Step Three: Create a name for your punctuation persona. The name should reflect its personality also. Visit a name origin website to help you determine a fitting name.

Step Four: Design a piece of clothing or an entire clothing ensemble that your client would wear based on its personality. Go to Joann Fabrics online and search through the fabrics to determine which ones would best go with your client's personality and demeanor. Use either Paint or a piece of drawing paper to sketch out your clothing design.

Step Five: Think about what accessories, hair, and makeup that would work well with your client's clothing design. Visit stores online, such as Urban Outfitters, Claire's, Bluefly, etc. and save the accessories you come across that reflect the look you're going after. Visit hairstyle websites that explain what hairstyles do as far as reflect personalities. Find a picture of a hairstyle that represents your client. Visit makeup websites, like L'Oreal, Cover Girl, and Maybelline, to determine the colors you would use for your client's makeup. Be detailed: What eye shadow? What eyeliner? Lip gloss, blush, etc. would your client use to reflect his/her personality?

Step Six: Draw a finished sketch of your completed look, including clothing, hair and makeup. This is a quick sketch, but should have those three main things taken into consideration.

Step Seven: Create a version of your look using chart paper, cardboard, markers, construction paper, glue, scissors, crayons, etc. to use for the runway show.

Step Eight: The day of the runway show, you will announce the rules that go along with your client's personality as they strut down the runway. Good luck!
  Step One Resources:
Visit to help you with your client's punctuation rules. Put the rules into YOUR OWN WORDS or it's considered plagiarism.

Step Two: Use to help you come up with a list of TEN adjectives that fit your punctuation mark.

Step Three: Go to
to help you determine your client's name. Put the information in your own words, or use quotes from the website.

Step Four: Go to to pick your fabric swatches and other design elements, like buttons, thread, etc. to help you complete your client's look.

Step Five: Go to an online clothing store for accessories. You can find your own OR use one of the following:,,, and For the hairstyle, visit one of the following websites: and to help you choose a hair style that fits your client. For the makeup, go to,, or to find your makeup look.

Step Six: Use supplies provided in class for your sketch: pencils, pens, and drawing paper.

Step Seven: Use the supplies provided in class to help you.

Step Eight: Use the supplies in class to help you.
  You will be graded on completion of all parts in each step. See rubric. The final presentation (the runway show) will account for 100 pts.
  You will complete an online survey to let me know what your learned and what you thought of the activity.

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