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Name: __________________________ Subject: Career Choices
Teacher Name: __________________________ Date: ___________________


The Ideal Job


  The purpose of this web quest is to think about what types of careers you would be suited for. You will also think about the types of schools that would help you enter into that career.
  Choose which professional field you would like to explore. You must discuss as a group the three best careers within that professional. You must also decide which schools would help train you with the skills to be successful in that career.
  1. Discuss with your group the types of careers within the assigned field. For example, in the medical field there are doctors, nurses, nurse practitioners etc.
2. Which are the three hottest jobs within that field right now and why?
3. Research various colleges/universities that train people for those professions.
4. Share your findings with the class.
  Medical Field

Creative Design Field

Human Services/Education

Marketing and Advertising

Technical Jobs
  Present your findings to the rest of the class. Show websites of your findings.
  While it's unlikely that any of you will decide right now on a career, it's good to start young so you have a clearer picture of what you want in the future.

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