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Name: __________________________ Subject: Folktales
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Folk Tale Writer


  Welcome students! As you know, we have been reading many German folktales in class, such as One Eye, Two Eye, Three Eye by Eric Kimmel. Now, you will get the chance to become an author and write your own folktale! Get ready to write!
  Your task is to write your own folktale using the resources provided. Make sure your folktale has a clear beginning, middle, and end!
  First, think about the folktales we have read in class. What do the folktales have in common? Your folktale needs to have the same general format. If you need help, visit the websites provided on the resources page. There are also links to more folktales if you need more examples.
Second, brainstorm what you want to write about using the story map provided on the resource page.
Third, draft your folktale using your ideas from the story map. Do this on notebook paper.
Fourth, when you are done writing your draft, have the editor (your teacher) check your folktale. When the editor gives you the go ahead, you may type your folktale on the computer using Microsoft Word. If you wish, you may use Clip Art to illustrate your folktale, or you may draw your own illustrations.

  Congratulations! You have written your own folktale! Please turn your folktale into your editor for publication. You will be graded on grammar (20 points), content of story (20 points), and creativity/ presentation of your final copy (10 points).
  Using your language arts journal, please write a reflection describing your feelings about writing your folktale. Did you enjoy creating your folktale? Was it hard or easy? Would you do anything differently, or would you keep your story the same?

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