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The Breadwinner


  The purpose of this webquest is to help you learn more about Afghanistan and the novel, The Breadwinner.
You will:
Record you findings on a worksheet;
Listen to the Dari language;
View the alphabet of the two major languages in Afghanistan, and learn to write and say the names of a few letters;
Watch a video about Afghanistan
Learn about the climate of the country;
Read about the different types of clothing worn in Afghanistan;
Create a diagram to compare and contrast yourself to the Afghan people.
  Your task will be to learn about Afghanistan's climate and culture.
  First, you will need to open up the activity worksheet to record information during this WebQuest. It can be found in the English section on First Class. Once you open it save it to your folder.

Next, use the minimize and maximize buttons as you work on the worksheet and visit the correct websites listed on the WebQuest.

When you are finished all of the activities on the worksheet print out a copy.�

Finally, when you have finished the worksheet, you will find the Inspiration document in the English section on First Class.

Open this file and save it to your folder, complete the diagram as instructed.
  The activity rubric can be found in the English section on First Class. This is how you will be evaluated on the WebQuest. Read the rubric carefully!
  Please send the teacher a note on any feedback about the webquest activities. I hope enjoyed the experience!

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