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Meeting People


  Every year you have new classmates who can be from different countries. The first weeks are very hard for the new students and they need information about the place where they are going to live in and the children of the class. You are also interested on him/her and his/her countries. So it is very important to learn properly how to give and get this kind of information.
Next month a child is coming from Iceland so you are going to prepare a document introducing yourself and giving some information about the place where you live in.
Where are your friends from? Do you know people from other countries? Have you ever been in other countries during your holidays? If you meet a child who only speaks English, what could you tell him/her about yourself?
  The final product you will make will be a digital poster where you will introduce information about yourself, your family and the place where you live in. at the end of this project you will show it to your classmates and sent it to your new friend.
During this process you will need to use the following tools:
- Web
- Audacity
- Word
- School platform
- E-mail
- Digital posters.
  Day 1
The teacher will explain the project. The teacher will hand out the e-mail addresses of the new friends.
The class will be divided into group of four.
You will show everything you know about the topic.

Day 2
You will choose one card with information about one person and sitting in pairs and moving around the class, you must find your twin making questions.
After finding your twin you must prepare your character and introduce him/her to your classmates. Finally your classmates must guest the character you are talking about.

Day 3
You must complete the form with your personal information. After that you must prepare orally your exposition about yourself. Later you must record your presentation with the Windows recorder and finally send that document to your teacher by the school platform.

Day 4
You must listen to the audio file of your new friend and complete the questionnaire with the information you understand. You can repeat this action as much times as you need. The audio file is in your e-mail.
After that you must write a document describing your new friend and finally send it to your teacher by the school platform and to your new friend by e-mail.

Day 5 and 6
You must find information about the place where you live in. You can decide the information your new friend must know. After that you must write a document with that information and some pictures. Finally you must send it to your teacher by the school platform.

Days 7, 8 and 9
You must make a digital poster with your team. In the poster you must include:
- Information about the place where you live in.
- Pictures.
- Audio files with the presentations of all the members of the group.
- Everything you think is necessary.
You must prepare a presentation and send it to your teacher and your new friend.

Day 10
The presentation. You must show your work with your group.
  Here you have some websites that can be useful to do the tasks
Tutorial de Audacity
Información sobre el país vasco
Images and maps
Tutorial poster digital
  This project will be evaluated during the process and at the end of itself. The final product will be evaluated by the teacher, the new friends and yourself:
- The teacher will evaluate the presentation, the design and the content included on the digital poster.
- The new friends will evaluate the design and the content included on the digital poster.
- You will evaluate your attitude during the project and your participation on it.
  Now you have a new friend form Island, you know some things about that country and its culture. You also learn how to introduce yourself and how to ask for information about others. But overall you have improved your knowledge about the place where you live in.
Here you have some web pages where you can find more information about:

Will you try to meet new people from other countries?
Will you be in contact with your new friends?

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