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Name: __________________________ Subject: Internet Safety
Teacher Name: Ms. Moleti Date: ___________________


World Wide Webquest


  Breaking News.....

After an emergency meeting of the PTA committee the parents of Eagle Avenue Middle School have banned the use of the Internet at school! After a vote to put a hold on all Internet activities the parents of Eagle Avenue students vow that they will never again allow their students to be put in danger by giving them access to the Internet. These parents believe that the Internet is nothing more than an unsafe playground. After much pleading for the students by their computer teachers, the parents have agreed to meet again next week for a final vote. Will the Internet be banned forever? Or can the students of Eagle Avenue change their future?
  Your parents are trying to ban the Internet! It is up to you and your teammates to make sure that does not happen. You need to prove to your parents that you understand how to be safe on the Internet and you will only have one chance to do so. At the next PAC meeting, you and your team will present a multimedia presentation that covers Internet Safety. To accomplish this goal you and your team will each choose a different role and gather information about different aspects of the Internet. You must become an expert in your area so that you are able to persuade your parents to vote in favor of allowing the Internet back into the classroom. You and your group must compile the information you find into a 10 minute presentation that focuses on Internet Safety. You must also compile a list of the top 10 rules for staying safe on the Internet that will be displayed in every class on campus as a reminder to "Play It Safe" on the Internet.
  1. As a group review the following roles. Then determine which role each member of your team will play. Click on the different roles for a more detailed explanation.



Surfer Steve Chatty

2. Record your assignments on the Role Sheet. Turn this sheet into your teacher.

3. Return to the role which you have been assigned and review what is expected for your person. Make sure and look over the questions related to your topic.

5. Use the resources provided in your area to answer your specific questions. Think about any other possible questions parents might have about this area or topic. Keep track of where you find the information you are using for you answers. Also make sure to keep an eye out for possible additions to your Top 10 List of ways to stay safe on the internet.

6. As a group compile your list of the Top 10 ways to stay safe on the internet.

11. Hand in your findings. Good luck!

  Spammer Sally:

Netiquette Nelly:

Surfer Steve:

Chatty Chris:
  Answer the questions on the handout. Hand it in at the end of the class.

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