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Name: __________________________ Subject: Language Arts
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  Yesterday, I introduced character, which is our new unit of study. Because so many of your classmates are at outdoor school today, you are going to review the information that we learned yesterday, and do a fun and creative activity!
  What is character?
  To begin to review what character is, you will visit the first two websites. You will read the information and then answer any questions it may ask. If you are confused, raise your hand and I will be around to help.
After you are finished with the first two websites, you will go to the third website and create your own character scrapbook. You will use the character from the independent book that you are now reading, and you will follow the steps to analyze your character.
  First two sites:
Character Scrapbook:
  You will print out your Character Scrapbook and hand it in to me. I will grade it based on the depth and the amount of description you give to each character trait. The more description, the higher the grade.
  On the back of your Character Scrapbook, please write down any suggestions that you have to improve this webquest.

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