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Name: __________________________ Subject: Spanish Culture
Teacher Name: ___________________ Date: ___________________


Let's Dance Flamenco!


  No course about Spanish culture is completed without mentioning flamenco. What is this art about? What are its origins? Where to find a good flamenco school in Warsaw?
The answers to the questions are hidden below. Have fun!
  1. What different types of flamenco are there?

2. What is the cafe cantente?

3. How does the flamenco guitar differ from the classical guitar.

4. Describe a typical flamenco dress?

5. Find a good flamenco school that meets you requirements.
  To complete this task you will take the following steps:

- read the information provided on the first two web pages.

- answer the questions from 1 to 4 (shortly and to the point)

- consult the remaining web pages and find a flamenco school that best suits your needs

- justify your choice. Please, comment on: cost, localization, timetable, etc.
  Visit the following web pages to help you with this projects:






  Your answers and your suggestions will be discussed during our next meeting. The second part of the task assumes many possible ansrwes. You shoud be prepared to defend the school you have chosen.
  Congratulations! You have completed this task. You now have complete knowledge of flamenco and you know where to sign in if you really think about dancing.

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