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Name: __________________________ Subject: Bullying
Teacher Name: ___________________ Date: ___________________


Prevent Bullying Now!


  Bullying is a big problem in school. But you can help! Using the activities and resources in this Webquest you will have the opportunity to discover what bullying is, what form it takes, what it looks like, and how to stop it from the point of view of the person bullying others, the person being bullied by others, and someone who sees another being bullied.
  What can I do to stop bullying?
  Each group will have to research different aspects of bullying. Each group member should take on the following roles:
1. Researcher: this person will work on the computer looking up information
2. Secretary: this person will write down all necessary information
3. Time Keeper: This person will keep the group on task
Your group has three days to research the different aspects of bullying. After your time in the computer lab you will have one additional day to create a skit on preventing bullying in the school. These skits will be presented on the fifth day.
All research and Webquest activity sheets must be turned in with your skit.
  After each student has completed their research assignment they will be evaluated on their growth and learning. Each group will preform a skit about the different ways to prevent bullying. 10 points will be awarded to groups that successfully display positives methods of preventing bullying as discovered from their research. 20 additional points will be calculated from their Webquest activity sheets for a total of 30 points.
  After completing these activities you will be able to define the different types of bullying and how you can deal with it. Bullying happens everyday in some form while students are in school. You can now use the skills you've learned to help Middle School age students deal with bullying and understand the consequences they will face.

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