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Name: __________________________ Subject: Poetry
Teacher Name:___________________ Date: ___________________


A Poetry Scavenger Hunt!



Welcome to the poetry scavenger hunt! Be the first to find them all, or the group with the most, and you get a PRIZE!

As we started out our new school year together, we talked a lot about the different kinds of learners and thinkers our class has. We learned that we each have valuable assets to offer the large group. While we don’t always agree with each other, we respect each other and the varying perspectives that each of us brings to the table. Our class represents a microcosm of Vermont, New England, the East Coast, the United States, North America, and the World. As we meet people (in-person, through the use of technology or literature) from other places and times, there are new cultural differences that we need to understand, respect, and value. Through this web quest, your mission is to explore different genres of American, British, and World literature. You will make recommendations about what we should read this year that allows us to better understand diversity.


Here is a poem just for you!
It is something you must do.
Go on the net,
and you must get:
A rock, a roll, a shoe.
A buckle, band, and blue!

What multi-cultural literature should we read this year that will allow us to explore, further understand, and appreciate the following aspects of cultures from around the world and across time?
values, beliefs
gender roles
family structure


You will have this class period to work in pairs to find the listed items in poems. You can find the word, or the 'idea' - but you must be prepaired to explain why the poem you chose fits.
You may only use the websites provided.

To begin your web quest, you will need to open up the googledoc entitled "Cultural Diversity." Make a copy and rename your doc with your group name. Share this doc with me. As you find literature that you think our class should read, your group needs to enter it into the table. Be sure to document your sources in the bibliography section. The grid is divided into fiction and nonfiction (by major genre) as well as the origin of the literature (American, British, World). The table below is, in essence, what the google doc includes. Within the cells, you simply write the title of the literature and the author to help you keep track of what more you need to meet the standard. Below the table, your group provides a brief synopsis (in your own words!) of the literature.
American British World
Fiction Drama
Fairy Tale
Short Story
Fiction novel
Nonfiction Biography
Narrative Nonfiction
Nonfiction novel


For each item on the list you must:
1) write down the item, the poem's name, the line you found the item in, and the site you used (please use PK, GP, and FF rather than writeing the whole site).

I will be marking you on: use of time
on-task behaviour
finding the items.

The outcome for Web Quests is usually a product, in most cases, in
form of a written/oral report or multimedia presentation.

  I hope you enjoyed your poetry scavenger hunt!

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