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Movie Review


  Going to the movies with friends is always fun, but have you ever considered on the many aspects you should take into account before making a choice?
  How do you and friends choose a movie? What kind of movies do you like? What about the actors and story? You will find more about these topics by completing this activity in which you will have to present a movie review.
  -Get in groups of 3 students
-Find out about the most recent movies on display
-Find information about 3 movies you would like to see
a.Genre b.actors c.story d.special effects f. movie rating g. Write a movie review about the movie you want to see (use your own language)h. Present it to your classmates (oral expression)
  You will be graded as a group in the following aspects: a. Group organizations and cooperation
b.Technology use in finding information and final product c.Movie review writing process Individual oral evaluation: a.Pronunciation b. Vocabulary and c. Fluency
  By completing this activity you will have applied language learned during the lesson as well as technology use. E-mail to your teacher with comments about this experience.

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