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Name: __________________________ Subject: Robert Frost
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The Road Not Taken


  Robert Frost is one of the most well known American poets. His poetry leads the way for critical thinking and analysis.
  Read "The Road Not Taken" and write a one page essay discussing what the poem means to you. Ask yourself, "What is the narrator trying to say about his life"?
  Make sure you have thoroughly read and examined the poem before beginning your paper. Ask yourself thought provoking questions before writing down your analysis of the poem. Use resources, along with previous class discussions to help you understand analyzing poetry. Have fun with your paper, there are no specific guidelines to follow!

Above are two websites that can help you in analyzing the poem. Remember, the teacher and your peers can be a valuable resource as well!
  A one page essay analyzing the poem. Although there are no specific guidelines, I will be looking for good critical thinking skills. Be sure to let me know in your paper how hard you really analyzed the poem!
  Now that you have analyzed a poem, you will let your peers know what you thought of the "Road Not Taken" by Robert Frost!

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