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  1. Are You My Neighbor? - They should be able to demonstrate what it means to be a neighbor.
  2. Assertiveness - I aim for the children to learn to think flexibly in order to come up with an approach that fits the situation and develop skills to carry it out.
  3. Be polite - Children reflect on how to be polite.
  4. Being Brave and Dealing with Fear- Teaches students to understand what it means to be brave and how to deal with real and imaginary fears.
  5. Building Bridges Teaching Tool
  6. Card Play - Students will be able to create math problems while engaging in physical activity.
  7. Changing a Tire - Changing a tire that has gone flat with a spare tire.
  8. Classroom Rules For The School Year - Discussing and learning basic rules to establish an orderly, safe and enjoyable classroom environment.
  9. Criminal Justice Today - Students will understand the key words and see how they fit into the criminal justice system.
  10. Cutting - The students will be able to hold the scissors correctly and ultimatley master their cutting skills.
  11. Cyber Safety - This lesson warns students of Internet dangers and equips them to be smarter and safer online.
  12. Disability Awareness in Physical Activity - Students, faculty, and staff to discover and explore together the world of a disabled individual.
  13. Diversity - See that physical features are the main differences and that number of things to be different is small, as compared to the similarities that we all share.
  14. Economic Incentives - Students will learn the economic, social, and moral incentives found in our every day lives.
  15. Financial Matters. Really? - This lesson plan offers students an introduction to the world of finance.
  16. Frogs and Toads - We cover this work with a chart and a wheel.
  17. Gender Equality In School - Students will learn about status of women in community.
  18. Issues of Diversity and Equality - Students look at inequality from all angles.
  19. Japanese American Farm Tour - Cultivate a cultural awareness in students of attributes and qualities of successful American farmers.
  20. Key into Owls - A research based lesson.
  21. Lifeskills Lesson - What are the kinds of problems you have with your friends?
  22. Me and My Family - Increasing awareness about the importance of the family.
  23. New Years - Appreciate the significance of New Year's Day.
  24. Parent Raising Teens - Identify objectives you hope the participants will achieve for each task in the process.
  25. Parenting While in the Military - Students learn about military deployment cycles and the challenges family face.
  26. Picture-Taking to Learn Vocabulary - To demonstrate understanding of the French vocabulary words by matching the words communicated verbally by the teacher to the items around the school that they visually represent.
  27. Privilege Walk - The students will gain insight of the lives' of others' as well as their own.
  28. Putting Bullies In There Place - What bullying is, who bullies are, what you can do to prevent bullying.
  29. Recipes in various communities - Seeing that we are all different but we all have things in common.
  30. Red Ribbon Week Activities - The goal of all red ribbon week activities is to help children become aware of the dangers in society as they develop. T
  31. Planning For Multiple Intelligences - The elementary teachers will sense and conceiving the student's ability which differ from one to another and maximize each student's ability.
  32. Satisfaction, Ownership, Accuracy, Resolution (SOAR) - Students learn what is involved in increasing customer satisfaction.
  33. "Simple Story Problems" - Use hands-on strategies to help children to make connection between what they hear or read and the meaning of the words.
  34. Spiders, Insects, or Both? - Students will be able to identify the characteristics of spiders and insects.
  35. Squiggle Stories - Students will write stories about an illustration they have drawn from a single squiggle line.
  36. Story Maps - Clusters - Using Story Maps to analyze universal themes across the curriculum.
  37. The Four Seasons - Students will use descriptive words or pictures to illustrate the weather.
  38. The History of Christmas Trees - This lesson uses the theme of Christmas to develop students vocabulary. It includes a song and some fun coloring and drawing activities.
  39. The Righteousness Of Job - Looking for answer indicators from specific questions, such as what is Job saying here, does Job portray patience?
  40. Weather Report - As a goal, students will prepare a weather forecast and present it following the model from television news. The forecast will be presented in target language.
  41. Where do Pretzels Come From? - Students will learn about the pretzel and its country of origin.
  42. Who Am I Collage - Students learn how to build self esteem by creating a collage to learn who they are and what is important and unique to themselves personally.

  • A Musical Poem - The goal is to encourage people to view the psalm from an artistic lens drawing from two different genres of music.
  • About My School - Students talk about their school supplies.
  • Architecture: Spaces and Places - Students identify how the visual arts have a history and specific relationship to culture.