Lesson Plan : The History of Christmas Trees

Teacher Name:
 judith bejarano jarvio
 Grade 1

 The History of Christmas Trees. The idea of decorating a tree as part of seasonal celebrations is an old one that comes from many lands and cultures. especially in united states and Mexico too.
 tree, Christmas, Merry Christmas.tall. colors, shapes , etc.
 To make children aware that the custom of decorating a tree during seasonal celebrations is a link with the historic past and furthers traditions from many cultures. This lesson uses the theme of Christmas to develop students vocabulary. It includes a song and some fun coloring and drawing activities.
 A decorated tree is now an inseparable part of the festive season but evergreens have always been important at the time of the winter. To teach or review 'yes and no' in the question and short answer form. To reinforce oral production and write a short sentence.
 A large picture of Christmas tree(worksheet), colors, scissors. Flashcards and word cards for vocabulary , notebooks
  I teach the class the following simple song about rocking around the Christmas tree or we can listen more festive music. I show the class the picture of Christmas tree and introduce it. 'This is Christmas tree' Describing his form and color, pointing to each one as I do so, encouraging the students to repeat.
 the students have followed the lesson plan suggested in the previous Primary tip 'Parts of the tree', they should be familiar with shapes vocabulary and be able to take over the description.
 Ask a student to come up to the board and put the flashcard next to the appropriate word card on the board. Continue this with the other words. Do this a couple of times until all the students have had a chance to come to the board.
 at this stage, my students are in their first year of English, I would not expect them all to be able to use the question form, but I would expect them to recognize it as a question, and answer at least 'Yes' or 'No'.
Checking For Understanding:
  I like to encourage the students to produce a sentence describing the picture of Christmas tree and they have labeled and colored.
  I like to use the opportunity to spell out the words using the alphabet if the students have learned it. and singing the song rocking around the Christmas tree.
 individual participation and pairs or teams.
Teacher Reflections:
  if I find they have trouble recognizing the question form, I might like to introduce a quick reinforcement activity by asking them to put their hands up when they hear a question, and cross their arms if what I say is not a question.

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