Lesson Plan : Card Play

Teacher Name:
 Ms. Butts and Ms.Kumi
 Grade 2

 Integrating Math and Physical Fitness. Creating problems and using number sentence.
 Students will be able to create math problems while engaging in physical activity.
 The ability to use mental math and come up with problem solving techniques. Develop listening and communication skills.
 Students will enhance their problem solving skills by using two of the basic math methods which are addition and subtraction using the numbers 1-10.
 Deck of cards, jerseys, cones, and music.
 Teacher will explain the purpose of the game and explain the rules of the game. Teacher will also demonstrate before playing and hand out needed materials for the game.
 Class will be divided into two groups. With the cards, students form math problems using addition and subtraction with the numbers 1-10. Students must use all of the cards in their problem or at least three of the cards. The students on each team must find a partner on the opposite team by moving through the pathways and create a math problem before the music stops. When the music stops they will have to call out their problem and if it is correct they can return to their group. When they return to their groups they must exchange thier cards with another group member. Then will continue with the game. On the third time elimination will begin. WHen a student is eliminated they become a "Human Cone". These people act as cones and stand in the middle of the floor during the game, before the music starts we will yell Cones Freeze! They must remain absolutely still and resemble a cone when the music starts. During this round music will stop sooner and students will have less time to find a partner. When you fail to get a partner or a correct problem you will be eliminated. We will continue to play the game a few mor times and the winner(s)will receive extra center time of free reading.
 Teacher will call out math problems for students to answer (Ex. 2+4=6), while skipping around in a circle. This is a skill practice. Teacher will also ask students questions like have they ever played any card games such as Gold Fish or Old Maid.
Checking For Understanding:
 Students will be assessed during the game to see if they have the ability to follow directions and use mental math. At the end of the game,teacher will ask questions such as what did you learn from the sctivity?, What did you have to do to be successful in this game?, and What could be do to make the game better or what else would you add to the game?
Teacher Reflections:

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